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How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Ceremony

By Christopher Baity When planning a wedding, you may feel obligated to include every family member, friend and second cousin twice removed. However, as most dog owners consider their family dog a family member, these beloved companions are often left at home and not included into the festivities. After ensuring the venue will allow a non-Service Dog, your first consideration is temperament and training. Does your dog have what it takes to remain obedient and focused during a onetime attempt as a ring-bearer or as a member of the wedding party? If your dog can or has completed a basic obedience test (e.g.,  Canine Good Citizen(CGC)) they may have the obedience and ability to perform during the ceremony. Typically, a well-trained family pet needs several weeks of specific training to conduct a few simple tasks during the ceremony. Two of the easiest would be an escort of a groomsman or bridesmaid, …

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