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Arrive in Style: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Day Transportation

Your wedding day is a special occasion that deserves to be celebrated in style. One important aspect of planning your wedding is deciding on transportation options for the day. There are many different transportation options to consider, each with its own benefits and considerations. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most popular wedding day transportation options and provide tips on how to decide which one is right for you. Limousine A limousine is a classic choice for wedding day transportation. Limousines are spacious, luxurious, and can accommodate large groups. They come in various sizes and styles, so you can choose one that fits your wedding theme and personal style. Many limousines also come with amenities such as a bar, TV, and sound system. Vintage Car For a more unique and charming option, consider a vintage car. Vintage cars …

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Photogenic Classic Car Provides Regal Look for Wedding Photos

Sponsored by Rolls Wedding Limos By Katrina Wilson Meet John G. Bays, a British gentleman who owns Rolls Wedding Limos, LLC. Bays started the business in 1995 in a successful effort to bring class to weddings and other happy events. Bays provides the most beautiful and reliable English classic car at the lowest price in the National Capital area. The main purpose of his company is the photo op for the bride and groom’s wedding album or website. The photo gallery on the website provides illustrious examples. Bays says: “It’s a real thrill to observe an enlarged photo hanging over the home fireplace mantle featuring the wedding couple near the front of the Rolls Royce with that world famous Rolls Royce grill and Flying Lady hood ornament and the Capitol Dome in the background.” Customers get free estimates by filling …

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The Ride of a Lifetime

Wedding day transportation is a practical and necessary consideration. On this special day, everyone deserves a fabulous ride to the ceremony and reception. But the couple of the day may decide to take their personal transport to a whole new level of luxury and class. A classic Rolls Royce is the perfect choice. Rolls Wedding Limos, LLC is a local business servicing the DC Metro area. They maintain an elegant British classic Rolls Royce Silver Spur. Their chauffeurs are formally attired and arrive on time. “We are the only limousine company in the world where you can get the President’s driver and a Rolls Royce limousine for your wedding or special occasion,” says owner John G. Bays. “Our Rolls Royce Silver Spur cost $118,500.00 in 1985, over a third of a century ago. To make the car reliable and beautiful for …

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