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Social Media Wediquette

By Amanda Causey Baity Social media is embedded in our day-to-day life; for most of us, social media facilitates the majority of our daily interactions with others. We use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay in touch, share updates and celebrate milestones; it’s only natural that social media has found its way into wedding celebrations. That said, before uploading a photo of the happy couple saying “I Do,” it is essential to remember your social media wedding etiquette. HERE COMES THE HASHTAG A particularly social couple may utilize social media to engage and communicate with their guests from the first RSVP to the last thank-you card. While the majority of couples still choose to mail out paper invitations, many opt for electronic RSVPs: a cheaper, more environmentally friendly option. It’s also a more efficient option for guests. Wedding websites and blogs are also commonly used to share updates and information about the wedding …

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