Coastal Salt & Soul – Nourish Your Body, Feed Your Soul

Coastal Salt & Soul Blissful Body Butter
Kiss your old body butter’s buh-bye. Our Blissful Body Butter is whipped to perfection, naturally nourishing and drenches skin with oceanic moisture, leaving behind a light, fresh scent that absorbs instantly. This super whipped formulation hydrates, restores and moisturizes. Our ultra-nourishing ingredients melt into skin quickly leaving it velvety soft.

Who is Coastal Salt & Soul?
Coastal Salt & Soul creates artisanal bath and body products that naturally nourish the body and feed the soul. We live for the sun-drenched and salt-bleached beauty of the California coastline. Our luscious products are made from precious sea ingredients, sun-warmed herbs and coastal botanicals and are married with mesmerizing, free-spirited scents. Every product comes in an artisanally crafted jar, bottle or candle vessel that captures the joy of faded elegance and whitewashed treasures. Hand-poured. Hand-packaged. California-made.

What do we make?
As a better body company we speak a unique body language. Coastal Salt & Soul products work together to transform your body and soul. You won’t be able to keep your hands off our Heavenly Hand Cream, our Blissful Body Butter is a whipped to perfection jar of joy, our Dreamy Bar Soap turns your shower into a luxurious oasis and our Salted-Honey Body Scrub is a decadent exfoliant that buffs it all away and leaves your skin into dewy perfection. And the Small-Batch Scented Candle is hand-poured into an artisanal stoneware vessel, filling your room and soul with its hypnotic, free-spirited scent.

Coastal Salt & Soul is available exclusively at independent boutiques and retailers and online  For more information, please visit our website.

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