Tang’s Bridal | Alterations | Bespoke: A Long-Time Manassas Bridal Boutique

Tang's Bridal

Provided by Tang’s Bridal | Alterations | Bespoke  Tang’s Bridal | Alterations | Bespoke is a long-time Manassas bridal boutique.  What sets Tang’s apart is that they are a one stop complete bridal experience! From meeting your stylist for the first time in their private, exclusive bridal studio to making your wedding dress vision come to life with Xiao-Yin with our in-house alterations, Tang’s is with you every step of your bridal journey. Xiao-Yin, an artist and master seamstress, is the owner of Tang’s and has over 25 years of experience. Her team takes the time to educate brides about wedding dress styles, so they really know the dress they are falling in love with. During alterations, Xiao-Yin shares many tips and tricks with brides like how to sit and walk up and down stairs in their wedding dress! Tang’s …

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Wedding Tuxedos 101: Dressing Your Men For The Big Day

by Lisa Beth Miller Once you have picked your wedding colors and the groomsmen for your wedding party, it is time to select tuxedos. Finding tuxedos for your wedding party is an easy item to check off your to-do list, and gives your groom a pivotal role in the wedding planning process. Most tuxedo shops work with out of town wedding members; don’t let that be an excuse for tardy measurements. Here’s a crash course in Tuxedos 101 to ensure you pick the right look for your wedding party. For starters, have all of your men measured as soon as you pick out the tuxedos (the ring bearer should wait until one month out to ensure his growing body fits his tuxedo). Lesson 1: Tuxedo Jackets When selecting a tuxedo jacket pay close attention to the number of buttons and the lapel. Basic styles will have between one and three buttons. Two-button styles are most common, …

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Why Shopping at a Bridal Boutique is Best

by Lisa Beth Miller I recently read a wedding blog that advised brides to avoid shopping in bridal boutiques if being semi-clothed in front of a stranger sounds stressful. The writer noted that it is way less mortifying to buy online or shop at the “warehouse” stores that just leave you alone to put on the gowns you wish to try. I could not disagree more! Allow me to explain. When a bride shops at a bridal boutique, she isn’t just shopping! She is consulting with a trained professional who understands what looks good on each different body type. The boutique experience goes something like this: You chat with a trained consultant about your wedding vision. You explain what the ceremony and reception will look like and what look and vibe you hope to exude. The trained consultant listens carefully, but also observes your personal style and body shape. …

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The Shape of You: Knowing Your Wedding Gown Silhouettes

By Lisa Beth Miller So, you are engaged and ready to shop for the perfect wedding gown. You arrive at your very first appointment at a bridal boutique, and the consultant suggests that you try on all six of the classic wedding gown silhouettes. I know…you are thinking “Ugh. I already know what I want! Look, I have a huge pile of pictures of my favorite dresses!” Your best bet in this situation is to trust your bridal consultant! She knows exactly what she is talking about and will show you options that may not have occurred to you. Since most women do NOT try on formal wedding gowns throughout their lives, most do not actually know what gowns will work with their body type. As you look through your huge pile of pictures of gowns that appeal to you, …

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Wedding Gown Shopping 101

by Lisa Beth Miller Guess what, engaged fashionistas? A year before your wedding is the best time to start shopping for your gown. It takes about six to nine months for a wedding gown to arrive once ordered, plus you need to allow ample time for alterations! Quality designer wedding gowns are not shipped from a warehouse, they are cut by the designer upon receiving the bride’s order. With this in mind, a smart bride will plan her wedding gown shopping well in advance. When you arrive to your first bridal gown shopping appointment, be open-minded and don’t be afraid to try on different styles! If you feel overwhelmed by your choices, ask for help in selecting a variety of styles. This will help you to limit your choices (for example, you may discover that a ball gown makes you …

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Tips for Drama-Free Bridesmaid Dress Shopping

by Lisa Beth Miller Your bridesmaids are your closest friends and family members, right?  Then you need to be sure that being your bridesmaid is a happy experience! Every bride has a dream for her big day, but there are definitely ways to make your vision and your bridesmaids’ comfort level combine flawlessly! Step 1: The color should be the bride’s choice. The hue selected for the dresses will set the tone for flowers, groom accessories, invitations, table linens, and the cake. Most girls can wear a flattering shade of most colors and look completely presentable. Neutrals and medium tones are easiest to wear, but pastels are workable in summer months for most complexions. Step 2: Dress length should be based on the formality of the event and the bride’s preferences. Step 3: Dress style is the area where the bride should work with her bridesmaids. If there …

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