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Wedding Thank You Notes

by Lisa Beth Miller Your wedding adventure isn’t truly complete until the last thank you note has been dropped into the mail. We all know how important it is to be gracious and show wedding guests that we appreciate them! As couples tackle the task of writing notes of gratitude, it is important that they avoid a few possible etiquette mistakes. Most Common Thank-You Note Mistakes: Taking Too Long To Send Them I get it.  You’re busy.  After you get married, your life usually goes through a lot of changes.  First you’ve got the honeymoon.  That’s at least two weeks. Maybe you’re moving in together or to a different city altogether. It matters not.  You have to find the time to get those thank you notes in the mail. Your guests bought you gifts, and helped to make your special day special.  Sending …

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Cheers! All About Wedding Toast Etiquette

by Lisa Beth Miller So, the wedding reception is going fabulously well. Your guests are relaxing, enjoying the food and drink, and admiring the style and décor of your event. Sounds like it is the appropriate time to propose a toast! The purpose of wedding toasts is twofold. The traditional toasts given by the best man and maid of honor (and sometimes others who wish to express their thoughts) are meant to pay tribute to the newly married couple and wish them a lifetime of happiness. These toasts should be brief, respectful, and only contain stories and references that everyone will understand and appreciate! Now is not the time for private jokes, inside stories, and reminiscing about the bride’s or groom’s wilder days! After the toasts from the attendants and guests, the groom and bride also traditionally take the floor. …

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Wedding Dress Codes: Letting Your Guests Know What to Wear

by Lisa Beth Miller When planning an event as important as your wedding, it is so important to be clear with your guests about what they should wear. Your event should capture your vision, and this must be communicated to your friends and family from the start. Black tie is usually meant for formal evening weddings. This means that you expect the gentlemen to wear tuxedos and ladies to don a cocktail dress or long gown. A formal wedding means that men do not have to wear tuxes, but they could choose this option. A dark-colored suit and tie would also be acceptable, though. For a formal wedding, ladies should wear a long gown, a cocktail-length formal dress, or a nice suit. If you are having a beach formal wedding, it means your event will be outdoors, literally on the …

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